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Access and use to the website are regulated according to General Terms of Use Conditions.
Accessing, browsing and using this website, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to by bound by these terms.
Items purchased from the website are sold directly by Pipe Brebbia Srl, with registered office in Italy, Merate (Lecco), Via Bergamo 35, REA n LC – 153821, C.F. and P.IVA 00622420131, Capital Stock €58.480,00 paid in full.
In case of need of assistance, the user can:
- visit the Customer Service area and find information about orders, deliveries, refunds and requests of purchased items return, website registration form, suggestions and other general information about the available services;
- contact Pipe Brebbia Srl via email at the address:;
- for any other legal information, refer to sections “E-commerce sales general conditions” and “Privacy”;
Pipe Brebbia Srl can modify or simply update, fully or partially, these Terms of Use.
Changes and updates will be notified to users on Home Page as soon as in use and they will be binding once published on this same section of the website.
Entering and using the website, including visiting web pages, communicating with Pipe Brebbia Srl, possibility of downloading information regarding items and their purchase through the web site, represent activities carried out by users exclusively for personal purposes irrelevant to any commercial, entrepreneurial and professional activity.   
The user will be the sole responsible for the control of the website and its contents. Pipe Brebbia Srl will not be considered responsible of any use nonstandard with the current rules and regulations, the website and its contents by each user, except for wilful misconduct and injustice,
In particular, the user will be the sole responsible for the communication of information and details which are incorrect, false or related to third parties, without these having expressed their consent, in consideration of an incorrect use of the same.
Eventually, as any material will be downloaded or obtained using the chosen service and at the user's risk, any responsibility for potential damages to computer systems or loss of data resulting from downloading operations relapses on the user and cannot be ascribed to Pipe Brebbia Srl.
Pipe Brebbia Srl declines any responsibility for damages coming from unavailability to the services on the website or from any problem caused by viruses, ruined files, mistakes, omissions, service interruptions, contents cancellation, problems related to the net, providers or telephone and/or electronic connection, unauthorised accesses, data alterations, unsuccessful and/or faulty functioning of the user' s electronic devices.
The user is responsible for the custody and the correct use of their personal information, including credentials which allow the access to reserved services and any damaging consequence or prejudice which should come at the expense of Pipe Brebbia Srl or third party following a wrong use, mystification or detraction of these information.   

1.Privacy Policy            

We kindly invite users to read carefully the “Privacy fact sheet” section which is applied also in case a user enters the website and checks services but does not purchase any item as to understand how personal details are collected and used for.

2. Intellectual property rights website contents such as headline, items, images, photographs, music, sounds and videos, drawings, figures, logos and any other material in any published format, including menus, web pages, graphics, colours, schemes, instruments, website fonts and designs, layouts, methods, processes, functions and software which are part of are protected by copyright and by any other intellectual property right by Pipe Brebbia Srl and the others holders of the same right.
Whole or partial reproduction, in any form, of the website and its contents without written consent by Pipe Brebbia Srl is forbidden.
Pipe Brebbia Srl can authorise or ban the direct or indirect. temporary or permanent, in any way or form, whole or partial reproduction of its contents.
The user is authorised only to visit the website and its contents and accomplish all those temporary acts lacking economical character which are considered transitory or optional, integral and essential part of the same visualisation of the website and its contents.
The user is not authorised to perform any reproduction, on any technical support, in whole or in part of and its contents.  
Any reproduction will be every time authorised by Pipe Brebbia Srl or, if necessary, by the authors of the single works appearing on the website.
These reproduction operations will have to be carried out for legal purposes and respecting Pipe Brebbia Srl and other authors' both copyrights and other intellectual property rights.
The authors of single works published on can in any moment claim a right to the paternity of their works and oppose to any distortion, mutilation or any other change of the works themselves, including any damage to the works, which could result in prejudice to their honour and reputation.
The user is not authorised to use in any way the website contents and every single work protected by copyright and any other intellectual right (to be clearer, the user will not be able to alter or modify the contents of the protected works without Pipe Brebbia Srl consent and, where necessary, of the single authors).

3. Trademark and domain names  

Pipe Brebbia Srl is sole owner of both trademark and logo registered as “Pipe Brebbia Srl” and “” and any other distinctive service mark which includes the word “Pipe Brebbia Srl” and the domain name “”.
All the other distinctive service marks which characterise the items present and sold on the website are registered trademarks by the respective holders and are used inside, with the sole purpose of distinguishing, describing and advertising the items on sale. Pipe Brebbia Srl and all the other holders of registered trademarks have the power of exclusive use of the respective trademarks.
The user is not authorised, unless Pipe Brebbia Srl and any other holder of registered trademarks published on the website does it, to use these trademarks to distinguish items or services even not alike to those on or of the other trademark holders. Most part of the trademarks appearing on the web and referred to the items on sale are famous trademarks well known to a general audience and to any user. It is forbidden any use of these trademarks because not authorised.
It is not possible to use these trademarks and any other distinctive sign present on to take wrongful advantage from the distinctive character or from the fame of these trademarks in order to create prejudice towards the same and their holders.

4. Links to

To activate links to home page and to the other web pages accessible to everyone, please contact Pipe Brebbia Srl to the following email address:
A contact is necessary to activate the request and get access to the hyperlink.
Pipe Brebbia Srl has the right to deny activation to links directed to its own website when the applicant has in the past adopted disloyal, or incongruent actions of unfair competition towards Pipe Brebbia Srl or its suppliers or when Pipe Brebbia Srl fears that these behaviours could be adopted in the future or when the applicant is thought able of discrediting actions towards Pipe Brebbia Srl, its website or its services.

5. Warnings on contents

Pipe Brebbia Srl has adopted any device and precaution to assure its users that the website contents are accurate and do not contain wrong or out of date, compared to the publishing date, information and, when possible, even after this.
Pipe Brebbia Srl does not take any responsibility towards its users about accuracy and completeness of the contents published on its own website, except for the responsibility for wilful misconduct or gross negligence except when provided by law.
Pipe Brebbia Srl cannot guarantee its users a correct and perfect functioning of its website, without interruption or without mistakes or malfunctioning due to internet connection.
Pipe Brebbia Srl has adopted technical and organisational measures able to protect the safety of its services, the traffic and communication data integrity according to use and recognition not allowed to avoid risks of dispersion, destruction and data loss, and of private and not information regarding its users and not, authorised or not to law conformed access to data and information themselves. For any problem in using the website, the user is kindly invited to contact the Customer Service or the following email address:

7. Applicable law and controversy solution

These General Terms of Use are regulated by the Italian law. Any dispute in connection with these general conditions, shall be settled in accordance with Tribunale di Varese (Varese Court of Justice).