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Recently, Brebbia has acquired a new collection of pipes that has found its right and worthy placement at the Pipe Museum: the prestigious collection of Franz Schuchardt. The collection consists of 195 unique pieces ranging from the nineteenth to the beginning of the twentieth century.


Saturday 20 May 2006 the new collection was presented at the Brebbia museum in the presence of Enea Buzzi, founder of Brebbia and creator of the Museum, and Luciano Buzzi, current manager of Brebbia.
Enea stressed the importance of the Italian pipe abroad, recalling the ancient tradition of manufacturing such as Rossi.

At the inauguration there were Schuchardt's nephew, Dieter Prange and the mayor of Brebbia, Adolfo D'Agata.
For pipe enthusiasts and the simple curious, the museum can be visited during office hours from 9.00 to 17.30 by appointment by writing to

Franz Schuchardt and his collection

Born in 1878 in Bad Lauterberg im Harz, Germany, Chief Engineer of the company A.E.G, Franz Schuchardt was a great fan and pipe smoker.
He started his collection in the early 1900s, exploiting his countless business trips all over the world to buy his pipes. Franz was meticulous in his work of research, care and care. Suffice it to say that he himself was responsible for maintaining his pipe in perfect condition, smoking a different one every day and, if necessary, providing for himself the repair and the eventual restoration.
The preciousness of the pieces and the perfect state of conservation are a great example of love for the pipe by a great enthusiast.
Preserved to this day by the nephew Dieter Prange, the collection consists of 195 pieces from the nineteenth century and the early twentieth century, including 42 pieces in sea foam, 86 in fine porcelain with hand decorations, 29 in briar (most carved) and 38 of various kinds (metal, stone, terracotta, etc).
With the addition of this new collection of world renown, the Buzzi family has not only taken the opportunity to further enrich and complete the heritage of the "Pipa Museum", but has inserted a new and documented path of visit and knowledge.

Schuchardt pipe

On May 20, 2006 we officially presented the Schuchardt collection to the public in the museum of Brebbia, renewed for the occasion.
To commemorate this event and to pay tribute to a great collector of the past, we crafted a smoking pipe in a limited edition of 200 pieces. The heads came from a lot seasoned for almost 30 years. On the ring pipe were marked "F.Schuchardt 20.05.2006".

N.B. The Schuchardt pipe is out of stock and no more produced.