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Being specialized in the distribution of cigar accessories, Brebbia has developed patented humidifiers: from Hygrolators to electric humidifiers.


Hygrolators are humidifiers for domestic humidors.
They have a microporous sponge inside treated with a surfactant and they are able to regulate the correct transfer of humidity.
The electric humidifiers with Brebbia hygrostat covered by a patent have been specifically designed for the storage of cigars for showcases from 2m³ to 8m³. They work without heating with a slow release of moisture and a large circulation of air to humidify the cigars without the formation of mold.
Inside a ball is forced to spin and to moisten. The forced-in air dries the ball, giving off moisture in the air coming out. In the absence of water, the ball becomes noisy and warns that the humidifier must be recharged. The large humidifier has an RCA socket to supply an optional additional remote fan to increase air circulation.

1. Only introduce distilled water with one or two drops of amuchin
2. Set the hygrostat according to the temperature as follows:


20 70%
25 67%
30 62%
35 55%


Since 2006, VUV00 and VUV02 humidifiers have a self-diagnosis diode to look for any malfunctions.