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Smoking is bad and everyone knows it... but using a pipe means smoke tasting not breathing.

So what is the point of smoking a pipe with filter if you need to taste smoke?



When erveryone was smoking pipes instead of cigarettes, people did not even know what the filter was. When cigarettes conquered the masses, we started talking about tobacco less condensed and nicotined, but in reality the big evolution was the introduction of the filter.

This trend has also influenced pipe smoking.

Each product has its own evolution. For example, as the wine produced and aged by the ancient Romans is today considered undrinkable, even the blends that were smoked only 30 years ago are now not smokable.

Well, the filters help to smoke smoother, keep the pipe cleaner and generally improve its taste, especially if it is not cleaned regularly.

Even we have come to make distinctions between those who smoke English blends and prefer the balsa filter, which is limited to absorb the condensate, and who in general smokes sweet or aromatic blends and prefers the activated carbon filters, which allow to keep more the smoke is dry and fresh. On the palate it leaves in fact a less caramel aftertaste and the so-called sweet tobaccos allow to find complicity even among the neighbors who do not smoke and smell very pleasant essences.

In short, the filter is now the standard of pipe smoking or its evolution, given the positive trend of filtered pipes sales in Europe.

Brebbia is not unprepared to this and distributes in Italy filters 3, 6 and 9mm. More precisely: 3mm in paper, 6mm in balsa or sea foam, 9mm in balsa or activated carbon.

In fact we prefer to offer for 6mm. only balsa and foam that allows a sufficient draft, but we do not recommend the purchase of pipes with this filter. Although they are more slender and elegant, they are not very functional compared to a pipe with a 9mm filter.