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There are pipes with various filter standards. These are traditionally inserted into the plugs of the mouthpieces.


The most common pipes have 3.5 mm or 9 mm filters.

Those 3.5 mm normally have a small metal system that does not get small pieces of tobacco in your mouth.

Many pipe smokers prefer not to use them because they reduce the draft and generate condensation.

You can replace the metal system with paper tubes that dry the condensation and are improperly called paper filters.

The pipes with housing for the 9mm filter can be indifferently smoked both with a balsa filter and with an activated carbon one, but never without anything. A filter is also needed to avoid damaging the mouthpiece bushing that does not support neither direct heat nor the extraction of the hot mouthpiece.

We recommend the use of the 9mm activated carbon filter if you prefer sweet tobacco mixtures.

This filter is particularly useful to attenuate the sweet taste that is annoying for many old school smokers.

Generally all German-speaking pipe smokers use it and nowadays it has become very popular even in Italy.

We suggest instead the balsa filters for the Latakia based mixtures and for the oriental mixtures. The balsa filter does not alter the taste and absorbs tar and condensation even though it is less effective than activated carbon.

If you want to smoke our 9mm pipes without a filter, an adapter must be inserted. The best ones are those that have the size of the carbon filters and the elastic stop of an O-ring. This to eliminate the expansion chamber that would generate condensation.