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Our pipes regardless of the price are all "smokable" and made to last over time.


The difference lies mainly in the finishing. Everything is done by hand with the help of small electric motors.

Our pipes are not painted but sanded with increasingly fine abrasive paper, tripolate with pumice stone and then polished with carnauba wax which penetrates into the pores of the wood and polishes it leaving them open.

This helps the pipes to "breathe" and to get dried.

It is therefore preferable as a criterion of evaluation in the purchase of a pipe to take into consideration not only the price, but the seriousness and professionalism of producers who, like us, have set the highest production standards.

Our prices are determined mainly by the quality of the root, the size of the pipe and the difficulty of construction but all our pipes are produced with the same care and attention.

As a consequence, our cheap sanded pipe is smoked at times much better than one of our blaze which costs 5 times more ... but also the eye wants its part.

Example: a cheap clear pipe is generally plastered. When the pipe is new, the plaster is not seen but with the use the pipe darkens and the plaster appears to the sight with unsightly stains. This fact does not diminish the goodness of the pipe, it is only unsightly.

Almost all pipes are more or less stuccoed because the root grows underground and includes large and small impurities. It would therefore be more logical to prefer darker economic pipes that have less imperfections with use.

For maximum transparency, we mark as "PURA" a root without any visible imperfections. A sort of certification for our root "jewels".