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First check if it is the pipe head or the mouthpiece that got clogged.


If only the mouthpiece got clogged you can just ship that for repair, otherwise you must send us the pipe altogether, preferably disassembled to avoid any damage during transport.

If you want to try by yourself but you can not get rid of the block with a slew this is the correct process (quite tedious):

  1. heat the mouthpiece with some hot air (hair dryer) and straighten it up
  2. enter it with a 3.5mm drill and a long one on the side of the flock (the opposite side to the mouthpiece), making sure to stop at 12mm from the mouthpiece, turning it by hand
  3. bend the mouthpiece to his original shape, taking care not to block the draft hole, inserting a thickness inside the hole

We can not send loose mouthpieces because the mouthpiece is changed so as to fit on the stove, mounted on the pipe and then adapted to the pipe. Finally, the color must be restored and the pipe reed has to be polished. This is why whenever the mouthpiece needs to be replaced, the head is also necessary.