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For a mouthpiece replacement you can reach one of our premium store (check the resellers list to find the closest one) or directly us.

Both the mouthpiece and the plug of the Brebbia pipe mouthpiece, that is made in reported material since 1979, are not under warranty but it is possible to replace them with moderate expense as they are to be considered consumables subject. To replace the mouthpiece, you can contact a specialized shop or you can charge us. To replace the mouthpiece of your Brebbia pipe with an original one with our logo, you can send it to our laboratory, possibly by courier to prevent the pipe from being lost to the following address: Pipe Brebbia via Piave 21 21020 Brebbia (VA) Italy.
In classic pipes, generally the mouthpiece must be adapted to the pipe by leveling it externally with the shank; The correct tightness of the plug must then be checked. You must therefore send us the whole pipe with the mouthpiece disassembled to carry out the repair. 
The replacement of the mouthpiece of classic pipes costs Euro 20.00 or if the pipe is fitted with a special mouthpiece it costs Euro 25.00 while the replacement of the pin of the mouthpiece in the material shown costs Euro 10.00 (for pipes produced before 1979 it is not possible to replace only the pin but the mouthpiece must also be replaced) To this amount must be added the cost of packaging and return as follows: Euro 10.00 for shipments in Italy, Euro 15.00 in EU and Euro 25, 00 extra UE.
Remember to indicate your complete address, telephone number and email address. Payment will be required when the pipe or pipes will be received in the laboratory by bank transfer before carrying out the repair.