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Only ebonite mouthpieces may get darker after long time, while acrylic will alway remain shiny.


The ebonite mouthpiece is made of vulcanized rubber or a mixture of pure para or rubber latex, synthetic para, ventilated ebonite and sulfur.

Once the rubber mouthpiece has been molded, it is hardened by being re-fired with steam for 24 hours (vulcanization). The sulfur necessary to the vulcanization process can cause the oxidation of the mouthpiece at the surface if this is exposed to light. To avoid this issue and the discoloration of the briar is better to try not to expose the pipe to sunlight and more generally to any bright light.

To clean the mouthpiece you can use an abrasive paste and a soft cloth or the appropriate abrasive paste of Brebbia.

When it is very oxidized you have to insist a lot but in the end it comes back like new. The ebonite mouthpiece remains softer and more elastic on teeth, the mouthpiece is thinner and generally more comfortable in the mouth, Moreover it is cheaper because it can be printed..

The methacrylate mouthpiece on the other hand is always shiny but more fragile and hard on teeth.